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Polyurethane foam injections, often called “chemical grouting,” involve the pumping of a liquid chemical product through thin metal pipes into the shallow soils. This product quickly expands into strong, hard foam, strengthening the soils and filling any voids (pockets with no soil or very weak soil). These injections usually are performed at a 3- to 5-foot horizontal spacing within the area requiring treatment and to depths of 4 to 8 feet (as specified by the Engineer of Record). With careful application, polyurethane foam can be used to lift interior floor slabs, driveways, roads and other lightly-loaded structures that have subsided (sunken) due to poor support from the underlying soils.

In sinkhole repairs, polyurethane foam injections are often used when sinkhole-weakened soils are found at depths that are too shallow to be repaired by compaction grouting. In the infrequent cases where sinkhole activity is identified and the limestone bedrock is present at very shallow depths, polyurethane foam injections can be used instead of compaction grouting to seal the surface of the limestone and to strengthen the sinkhole-weakened soils.


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